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There were 2 Cairn Terriers at the Harbor Shelter that a private rescue picked up.  Both dogs have sarcoptic mange.  The Mom pup is thought to be 5 years old and is in desperate need of a dental.  The puppy is 4-5 months old and also has ear infections.  SCR will be helping place these dogs when they are healthy.  They will also need to be speutered when they are healthy.  If anyone can help financially we would really appreciate it.  You can send your tax deductible donation check to:

Southwest Cairn Rescue

P O Box 2728

Orange, CA   92859

(Please reference for Missy & Sherman)


Please provide your contact information including name, mailing address, telephone, and email address for receipt purposes.


Thank you very much for helping Misty & Sherman!



Day Three

Here is a couple of pictures of Sherman (the puppy) and Mrs. Hobby (Misty for short...named after a daughter's favorite teacher).  We are very appreciative of the help.  Thanks everyone!


January 21

Cuter by the minute!  This is my better side! 



I'm still a little pink, but not nearly as flakey.


Misty has found her place in the sun!

Misty and Sherman have now had three doses of Ivermectin and 5 medicated baths, and are on Baytril, mega doses of Program (for yeast), Ottomax and Advantage.  They are eating a raw food diet, and munching on healthy snacks.  Amazingly Missy’s teeth are now 90% plaque-free, due to her diligent destruction and consumption of four bully sticks, a half dozen beef marrow bones, and other delectable’s she was meant to share with Sherman but just couldn't bear to.   Sherman does not have the attention span to even make a dent in a bully stick, but he has learned to sit on command.  :-) 

Thank you all so much for your support, and special thanks to Southwest Cairn Rescue for their generous donation toward medical expenses and their website coverage of this "case;" to PetSave Foundation for providing housing and the support of their volunteers; to Breeder's Choice for the thirty pounds of Perfect Servings raw dog food; to Jill for the toys, bully sticks and moral support at the shelter; to Stephanie at Creative Pet Supply for the supplements, healthy dog biscuits, and all the extra munchies she always seems to throw in my bag; to Diane for the wonderful shampoo and conditioner; and to everyone else who is rooting for these two little characters.  I can assure you, they are worth it!

Update January 31

Okay, the bad news.  I took Misty back to the vet yesterday, and this time they found demodex.  She had skin scrapings done both at the shelter and on her first visit to my vet, and we could find no mites at all and thus concluded we were dealing with sarcoptic mange.  This changes things, as it suggests an immune system problem.  Again, we hope to find out more from the blood work.  Actually, I would be treating demodex in much the same way--boosting the immune system with good nutrition and supplements--but with more ivermectin.   

  On the positive side, Misty's skin is looking much better--softer, less flaking, lighter in color (there is even a pink cast to the gray in some places).  She is definitely feeling better, too--stands on her back legs to see what I'm eating, climbs in my lap if it’s available, and I've even seen her wag her tail!  Her eyes are still very irritated (I think mainly by the black skin flakes shedding into them), but are a bit less goopy.  We are now applying topical antibiotics to her eyes as well.  As for Sherman, he feels great, and wants to play all the time.  He has made friends with my other a foster, a 4 lb. Chihuahua with a Napoleon complex and they like to play "who is more macho" whenever Sherman comes to visit.  His coat still looks like he bought it at the Salvation Army, but other than that he is bright-eyed and bushy tailed!   

They are both very happy with all their gifts from Colonel Potter--Sherman loves the little blue balls, and all the squeaky toys, and the fleece blankets are their favorite things to curl up with.  Many thanks to everyone who has given gifts of crafts or money--I hope to get more personalized thank you out when things calm down a bit around here, but for now, please know that your support is greatly appreciated.  I will send pictures soon!


Update February 10

Update from recent visit with Misty and Sherman. 

I spent the day with Sherman and Misty last week.  Sherman is a pistol!  And a clown to boot!!  He kept me very entertained!

Misty is a very sweet soul.  She really adores her savior (Betsy, who is caring for them).  She does look better but in pics it really does not come through.  She loves to lay in the sun.  Neither one of them likes to get the medicated baths.......I ended up all wet <G>

Sherman is to get neutered this week and hopefully go up for potential adoption.....if we can find the "right" person.  He really needs to get into a home and start learning manners.  You can tell neither one of these dogs has been in a home before.  Sherman also needs someone to play with.  All of Betsy's dogs are age 7 and up.

Misty is going to be a long project and bless Betsy she is in it for the long haul.  She will make someone a loving pet.

I also meet the woman who helped make this possible....provided the kenneling while they were contagious.  She is a great lady.  She felt honored to be able to help the dogs out. 

Update February 20

Sherman in one of the coats from Colonel Potter!

Sherman laughing and ready for adoption!

                     Misty with some of her gifts!                   (Sherman wouldn't stay still with his blanket and pillow for a picture)

Misty is growing some new hair! 

Update March 10

Misty with more of her new hair!

Update March 31

Sherman went to his forever home on Friday, March 31, 2006.  Here is his picture on his departure.  Thanks to everyone who helped with his recovery. 

Misty - Update April 18th




Misty is doing very well.  She is mainly quiet and self-contained, but does cry for attention sometimes.  She loves comfort and human contact, second only to food.  The hair that has come in continues to grow and she has a thick, richly colored coat.  The areas that have not yet grown hair are stubborn--in some places, such as her feet, hair growth has started, but other areas remain smooth and dark gray.  Still, the skin quality has improved overall--it is soft and pliable, and even pink on her underbelly.  She is feeling much better, and was even spotted playing with a toy yesterday! 

Sherman (Now Oz) - Update April 23rd

Sherman (now known as "Oz") Oz is settling in wonderfully.  Beauty, our two yr old Cairn mix LOVES him...they wrestle constantly.  She is twice as big as him, but the roll around like a couple of wrestlers constantly, wearing each other out.  Even though they nip at each other, it is very gentle, and they chase each other constantly.  She has totally adopted him as a little brother, and he trots after like she is his mother.

Oz and Beauty chase each other all over the upstairs, where we still have carpet, it's incredible how fast they move.  Oz caught a moth for us yesterday, it was quite entertaining to watch, he can really jump and he knocked it out of the air, and they toyed with it and then finished it off.  He is such a curious little guy and quite the climber. 

Oz has learned his new name, and he is very gentle with everyone and everything.  He loves stuffed animals and carrying them around in his mouth but he never rips them open.  He only chews the right things, like his bones, which is very nice.  He is very stubborn about his housebreaking though but we are getting there.  He needs a few more months for his bladder to finish maturing I guess.

He is a very happy little guy and he now barks fiercely when someone comes to our door, or he hears a suspicious noise, so he has "adopted" us as well!  His bark is rather hysterical. so fierce, yet so squeeky! 

I was home sick for a couple of days this week with a nasty head cold and he slept on my bed with my Cairn all day both days.  They are almost inseparable, so I know he is feeling very loved and happy.   

My daughter came home for Easter weekend and he slept in her room with her the whole time too.  She positively loves him and he her.  She found it quite amusing when he snatched one of her large stuffed animals, a wolf, and he carried it around in his mouth until he tripped over it, as it is twice as big as he is! 

So, all in all, this adoption is a fabulous success! 

I hope his Mom is doing well too.

Now that it has stopped raining, I hope to get some nice pix of Oz playing in his new backyard and will send them to you for your site.

Take Care.

Misty & Sherman (Now Oz) - Update June 19th

From Betsy (Caregiver): 

Oz, formerly known as Sherman, apparently has an interest in gardening, and stuffed toys.  Unfortunately, he sometimes confuses his hobbies, and buries the stuffed toys.  Later he "unplants" them and drags them back through the house. 

Misty is doing really well.  Still hairless on her underbelly and lower sides, but she has finally put on some weight.  Her coat is looking better all the time, and she is actually starting, from certain angles, to look like a Cairn Terrier! 

From Valerie (Adopted Sherman/Oz): 

Yes, Oz has lots of hobbies, he still likes to nip toes too.  He has the sweetest little bark/howl...he tries to sound so fierce, yet his howl resembles the sound of someone gargling more than anything cracks me up every time! 

He has grown, but only a little...he will be our little baby for ever I think, and that is fine too...he may be a runt, but he has the prettiest face and he maintains eye contact for a long time.  He is very sensitive and thoughtful.  I learned today that he likes blue berries. 

He is a very happy little guy and has adjusted wonderfully.  Oh, he likes to climb up on a stack of couch pillows and nap...I refer to him as the Prince and the Pea.


Update October 2006

Wow!  Misty is looking so much better!  What superb care and love Misty received from Betsy.  Betsy thank you so much for helping Misty on her way to her forever family. 


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